ready for that southern family reunion

You DO know that people from the bible belt will kill you for slights such as this? I’m all for equality, but don’t go stirring shit. I support your right to be gay, but freedom of speech dictates that I can tell you that you’re a FUCKING MORON.

Why do you think they’re a moron?

Because people from the south are easily upset by things that go against the bible. That will AND HAVE shot people for being gay. She’s clearly painted a bullseye on her face, she may as well wear a shirt saying “SHOOT ME, I’M AN IDIOT.”

Not doing something perfectly legal that doesn’t hurt anyone in the fear of violent retribution only contributes to the very problem you’re trying to avoid. By refraining from a harmless action you’re validating and rewarding the behavior you’re afraid of. A civilized society shouldn’t tolerate that kind of an intimidation tactic.

But really, aside from causing some family drama which would appear to be the point; I doubt you would experience anything more than some annoyed looks. The idea that southerners are all conservative zealots who will physically harm anyone wearing a t-shirt that says something they disagree with is an outdated stereo type.

Prouvaireish, I hope you enjoy your family reunion.


by Chiara Bautista

We are absolutely in love!

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I’ll spend forever wondering what it was you thought I knew. Did it have anything to do with that glory whole?No judgement here…

I’ll spend forever wondering what it was you thought I knew.

Did it have anything to do with that glory whole?

No judgement here…

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This was my phone wallpaper for the longest time.

This was my phone wallpaper for the longest time.

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dude god could come down from heaven with a million angels and tell me that gif is pronounced “jif” and i still wouldn’t fucking do it

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These whimsical images come from the mind of Louis Crusius, a physician and artist who was born in Wisconsin and later moved to St. Louis, Missouri.  The Antikamnia Chemical Company used Crusius’ images in a series of calendars they published from 1897-1901, which they sent to physicians who could prove their medical standing.

The company, whose name means “opposed to pain,” was known for manufacturing a patent medicine called Antikamnia tablets.  Like most patent medicines of the time, the ingredients in the tablets could have ill effects - the tablets contained acetanilide, which could cause cyanosis (a condition in which the skin becomes blood due to insufficient oxygen).

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Injustice: Year Two (2014)

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Yes. Women Need Feminism.

If you have done a cursory analysis of history …
Or religion …
Or politics …
Over the last few thousands of years you would know that women (along with minorities and those under represented) have been treated as “less than”.
As property. As a thing. As inhuman.
Maybe you don’t feel repressed or oppressed or underrepresented.
Good for you! You’re lucky.
Someone is
for not caring about that.
Feminism is not about victimization; it is not the belittlement or emasculation of men.

Feminism is about all people of any genders being EQUALS in life, in choice, in will, in power, in ownership.

This has not, for the majority of history, been the case.


Did you hear me?

And it is your responsibility
as a woman
as a feminist
As A Human Being
As a PERSON who believes in equal rights for all human beings to stand together to ensure the rights of other people.

Rights that we mostly take for granted.

You can help. you can make this better.

But first you have to recognize that this is an issue. In your neighborhood. In your city. In your state. In your country. In your world.

It is an issue.

Until women can feel free being in public without the fear being raped. Until 11 year old girls aren’t sold for marriage. Until women don’t have to cover their faces without the threat of eternal damnation. Female castrations isn’t a cultural normality.

Feminism is for everyone